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Winter Groups


Our Interest Community Groups are centred around what you love to do. Low pressure, and high on fun! Find a community to belong to today!

Helping Hands Street Mission

We have a serving team that volunteers at Helping Hands Street Mission once a month. From sorting clothes, to serving coffee join our team on a Saturday morning.

Location: Hamilton


Ladies Book Club is a great place to chat and connect while discussing some amazing books from a variety of genres. The conversation is endless and the teapot is always full!


Sunday Night Hockey!  Any experience welcome.  All you need are skates, a helmet, a stick and a love for hockey!


Looking for somegood ol fashion street hockey?Join Lyndon and the crew, both guys and girls ( 15 yrs of age and over) occasionally thoughout the year on Sunday Afternoons from 2-4pm .Locations can cycle between Freelton or Waterdown.  Connect with Lyndon for more details!


Don't miss occasional Young Adult events throughout the year. Everything from dinIng out to hikes. Keep an eye out on Social meadia for the latest or connect with our amazing leaders!


Our heart is to deepen relationships with other members of the community church. Adult events are about meeting new people and strengthening the friendships you already have. It’s so easy to gravitate to the same people every week...the adult events are a great way to get to know people you wouldn’t normally talk to.


Mike and Susan invite you to join them for a fun and inexpensive night out playing your favorite board and card games. A great way to kick off the weekend and meet some new people. Join in the Game of Life and get triple word score on everything from A to Yahtzee! 


Our Community Groups are centred around relationship. Whether you are new to faith, or been involved for a long time, these are great groups to invest in meaningful relationship. 


Here’s a chance to deepen relationships with other women. Share coffee and some laughs, and also have a chance to support and encourage each other in prayer. There’s no pressure on anyone to pray aloud, but everyone has the chance to be prayed for.


This group is for woman and enjoys a farm fresh breakfast, laughter, living life together, and discipleship and prayer.  This happens once a month on Saturdays.


Parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world! At times it feels like all you are doing is treading  water and putting out fires. While on other days you feel like you're heart might burst from the love and pride you feel for your tiny (or not so tiny) humans.  The Community Parents group is for all parents, in all stages of child rearing.  We will meet Bi-weekly on Friday nights for a meal and study time.  Come and do life with us!


Looking for a place where you can just come, enjoy some dessert and do life together?One where the agenda is set by whats happening in our lives?Taking time to invest into each other through sharing experiences, encouragement and prayer as we do life together? Then "Room for Dessert" is the group for you!


J.O.Y stands for just older youth and we love to connect as well as build friendships. This amazing evening of fun is for adults over 50 that know they are "just older youth"! So we invite you to join us for dinner and connection throughout the year!


Looking for a place to connect with other guys from the church?To chat about life, the game and grabbing some grub @ a great breakfast place at the same time? Then this is the group for you!   Join us occasionally on a Saturday morning to do this faith and life Journey together as Guys! So always be on the lookout for info regarding Location and time.Til then, connect with us if you have any questions or give us your contact info so we can keep you up to date!



Our Study Community Groups are curriculum based study groups. Want to jump deeper into theology? These groups are perfect for you!


We are powered by the belief that Scripture accomplishes God’s purposes for it, that prayer works, and that the church is a family!  So we spend time together each week reading Scripture (no homework involved), praying together, for each other, our church and the world, and generally enjoying a time of conversation, cookies and coffee.  People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. 


The Study of Mark

We welcome you to join in on a study that is guaranteed to grow you in your spiritual walk as it provides an in depth understanding of Jesus’ ministry and its relevance to us today. At every session we watch a video and have an informal discussion afterward.  Best of all, no homework!

If you enjoy fun, fellowship, amazing teaching and a snack to boot, this group is for you.  We welcome you to join us


Have you ever had a difficult conversation with someone who had questions about God, life, meaning, and why you believe what you believe?  Have you ever asked yourself some of those same questions?  We aim to provide a different approach to understanding and strengthening your faith, and to provide tools to help you answer questions that you’ll encounter from others.  Join us for a 4-session series on “Answers


Needing help communicating with your teen, dealing with today’s teen issues and wanting to develop deeper relationships within your family?

We will be going through a curriculum by heart light ministries to help navigate passing our principles to our kids growing up in a contrary culture.

Find A Community Group That Works For You.

At Community we believe that authentic relationships builds authentic faith!  We encourage you whether you come to the church or not, if you are new to the faith, or don't yet know what faith is - to plug into the community group that best fits your schedule! 

Contact Craig

If you any questions regarding our groups or interested in leading one, give Craig a shout!




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