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The history of Community Church is short in length. Community started in the hearts of Jason and Carla Small many years ago. Our desire was to see a church that was all about seeing people's lives transformed. We knew that if we wanted to have our dream church be a reality it meant we were going to have to start from scratch. The community of Waterdown had been on our hearts as a community strategically placed for growth and influence. Over a two-year period, this heart for a church where people would really belong began to intensify. In April 2004 God spoke to us that the time was now. The core values and the initial dream were put to paper in a hotel room in New Brunswick over hot wings and ginger ale. Over the next six months, God did some amazing door opening. In October we resigned from Living Way church in Englehart and moved to Waterdown, eager to see the dream become reality. We have not been disappointed. We started out with just a handful of us out of our living room, but we have steadily grown each week. We have moved numerous times over our few years' existence... everything from other church buildings, schools, an RV dealership, and a greenhouse.  We have learned that church really is about people and not about the building.   We continue to grow and see the ministry develop. These early days of Community Church are great as we build for the future God has for us. 

The Community Of Waterdown
Waterdown really is one of the nicest places to live in the world and Community Church is fortunate to call it home.  Waterdown is an amazing community nestled between Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario, and is part of the greater Flamborough area. It is a community on the verge of explosive growth with hundreds of homes expected to be built in the next few years. Waterdown is strategically placed within short drives to Burlington, Hamilton, Toronto,  Kitchener, and Niagara Regions. It is packed full of beautiful landscapes, and amazing people.... the best of Ontario!


Our Location
At Community, we believe that the people are the church, and not the building.  We see our building just as a tool for fulfilling our purpose of connecting with people. We have moved 4 times since we began.  Our current location is a building rich with history nestled on the edge of Waterdown. Our building was once a local hotel and bar, a Baptist church, a dance studio, and a Montessori school. We love this space at 271 6th Concession East and it serves us well. We are however looking for our next location as even with three-weekend sessions the building is full. We are prayerfully considering next steps.

Ten Years & Counting... 

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